For printed books (ancient and modern) the main catalogue is the online collective catalogue of the Padua library network which contains, with regard to the University Library, all volumes owned and dated from 1974 onwards:

For works prior to 1974, and especially for ancient books (i.e. printed up to 1830), the actual coverage is not complete, so if the desired title does not appear, it is also necessary to consult the card catalogue for authors and titles, located on the first floor (in addition to other general ones). There are also a number of special catalogues for different types of items (periodicals, portraits, prints, music, maps, etc.).

There is also the Collective Catalogue of Padua's libraries: this consists of the records of the volumes owned, as of 1968, by numerous city libraries, but not by the University Library itself (for which the above-mentioned indications apply). In addition to the original catalogue on site, a digitised version is also accessible; an abbreviation in the card indicates the library owner (e.g. BC = Biblioteca Civica; BS = Seminario, etc.; here is the complete list), but the information is always to be verified, especially in view of the name changes and unifications of libraries that have taken place over decades.

Concerning manuscripts, new catalogue entries are published in the Manusonline and Nuova Biblioteca Manoscritta projects but the codices here described are to date only a few hundred. All manuscripts are, however, described in the catalogue Regia Bibliotheca Manuscripta and/or the Topographic Catalogue of Manuscripts, which are available, along with several others, among the digitised historical catalogues.

For some collections, both manuscript and printed, and on the occasion of specific initiatives, printed catalogues have been issued, some of them enriched with scientific contributions, which are freely downloadable among the Library's publications.